May 30, 2023

Avant Loaders for Landscaping, Hardscaping and Ground Care


From earthmoving, hardscaping and digging to leveling, mowing, milling and even paving – one Avant can handle the jobs of several different machines.

Avant has developed a comprehensive range of attachments to meet the many varied requirements of landscaping, hardscaping and ground care. Count on Avant to take care of landscaping details including stone or concrete walkways, decks, retaining walls, patios, gazebos, fountains and any other landscaping design that utilizes stone, sand, pebbles, brick, metal and similar materials.

The articulated design and compact dimensions of Avant mean it can work on any job site, and it is easy to transport on a trailer from one work site to another. This means projects are completed more quickly and efficiently, resulting in significant time, money and labor savings.

No two days are the same when you're working with Avant; these year-round, multipurpose articulated loaders can perform a multitude of jobs and serve a wide range of customers.

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Top 10 reasons to invest in an Avant loader:

1. Versatility

Landscapers and property managers love the versatility of the Avant as it gives them the ability to perform multiple tasks with one machine..

2. Compact

The Avant is compact enough to safely maneuver around tight jobsites and on 48” sidewalks – it can also be transported with a ½ ton pick-up and trailer.

3. User-Friendly

Avant loaders are easy and safe to operate thanks to basic controls and a unique hydraulic connection system. The ROPS safety frame with FOP canopy, side entry to operator station and low center of gravity make it a safe solution on every jobsite.

4. Telescopic Boom

The offset telescopic boom allows for greater lifting height and outreach than a conventional loader or skid steer.

5. Quality

The Avant is manufactured in Finland to the highest standard using only high-quality materials. Avant uses Kubota diesel engines backed by a 24-month warranty.

6. Articulated Chassis

The articulated chassis allows the operator to drive over sensitive surfaces without marking them, including lawns.

7. Stability

A rigid articulation joint means you can safely negotiate demanding terrain.

8. Operator Comfort

Ideally positioned controls, heated cabs and suspension seat make the loader easy on the operator’s body, preventing accidental injuries.

9. Product Range

With an extensive product range encompassing 14 models and over 200 attachments, your needs are covered. One machine for all jobs!

10. Excellent Visibility

Avant loaders provide 360-degree visibility with clear sightlines from the cockpit.

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The Avant 800 series is the strongest and most powerful in Avant’s loader lineup

The main flagship of the range, the Avant 860i loader pushes the limits of a compact loader. It has more lift height and capacity than ever before. The loader reaches all the way to tall mixer feeder wagons and can load a truck from one side to the far edge – there’s no need to drive around the truck when loading. The Avant 860i can also handle stone pallets with ease thanks to its 4,190 lb capacity. Even still, it is compact enough to work in places where bigger machines cannot go and can be transported on a conventional car trailer.

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The Avant 600 series is the perfect combination of power and maneuverability.

Avant 600 series is the real all-rounder in the range. It combines power, lift capacity and professional hydraulics which are in a very compact package. This makes 600 series a very popular machine for many professionals in landscaping, groundcare, construction, farming, horse stables, and many other customers. The max. 2.6-tonne lift capacity is just perfect for a multitude of jobs and the powerful auxiliary hydraulics runs almost all Avant attachments. The customers also like the easy transporting of 600 series. Thanks to the compact dimensions it is possible to fit both the loader and the attachments on the trailer, and inside the van if necessary.

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Discover the Perfect Landscaping Solution for your Business with Avant Loaders


Dig fence posts, plant bulbs, trees, and more with the versatile Avant auger. We know the needs of your job are different, which is why we designed multiple augers so you can find the one that fits your needs. From earth to tungsten to rock, all of our augers are available from 6'' to 36'' in size. They are fitted to a Eaton bell motor and maximize drilling depth without extensions, eliminating downtime and minimizing maintenance so you can optimize your time.

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Power rake

The Avant Power rake is as versatile as our loaders. Equipped with steel teeth, removable side plates and ample clearance between the shaft and frame, the power rake moves soil around the axle for milling and makes moving and directioning more efficient. Prep seedbeds, cut grades in dirt and gravel roads and clean up your jobsites more efficiently with the power rake.

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Bucket broom

Landscaping doesn't just take place in the grass; Avant articulated loaders and attachments are designed to help you make streets, sidewalks and driveways just as nice. The Avant bucket broom can run forwards and backwards for optimal cleaning. Reverse the unit for the best sweeping but run it forward for tree leaves, construction debris, and even beverage cups.Opt to add the water spraying system to really bind dust for concrete and asphalt surfaces that will look as good as new.

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Mini digger

Able to dig up to 71 inches deep and easy to transport from site to site, the Avant mini digger is a perfect solution for small digging operations. Whether you need to plant a tree or create a pond, Avant is ready to help. You can even dig alongside a wall with a bucket tilt adapter.

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Cutting bar

The Avant cutting bar with hydrualic side arm can cut horizontally, vertically, and angles with a pivoting mounting bracket that can be manually adjusted. The cutting bar is also equipped with a pressure relief value which protects the unit if it runs into an obstacle and will return to normal position as soon as the attachment is tilted downwards.

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