Avant articulated loader for tree care


A smarter way of working

Tree care companies and arborists across the United States are turning to Avant as an effective time-saving solution to their business. From residential and commercial to public-sector clients, Avant makes light work of cutting and pruning branches, removing dead or excess trees, stump grinding, tree removal and chipping. Avant is also a useful tool for transplanting, insect control and other related services. With its high lifting capacity and agile maneuverability, the Avant is powerful enough to lift heavy logs, yet compact enough to fit in tight nooks, small yards and narrow pathways. There is no need to repair ruts or replant grass on the jobsite once the work is complete as the Avant leaves minimal ground disturbance on the most delicate surfaces.

Arborists and tree care companies not only save time and money servicing their customers with the Avant – with over 200 attachments to select from, Avant can efficiently and easily tackle every job.


Avoid the added hassle of Ground protection mats

The Avant articulated loaders' rigid articulation joint and special 4x4 system equipped with hydrostatic drive allow for easy navigation of any terrain that will spare your lawns. Avoid tire marks on soft and sensitive surfaces when turning by controlling the speed of the wheels on the left and right sides of the loader independently. Free yourself from the constrains of ground protection mats.

  • Do most jobs with one man
  • Less manual labor needed
  • Save your grass
  • Pioneering solution for all professionals on sensitive surfaces
  • No need to lunge around heavy mats or flimsy plywood
  • No wasted labor moving and securing them
  • Equipped with hydrostatic drive and 3 drive modes to spare your grass

Top 10 reasons to invest in an Avant loader:

1. Versatile

Tree care experts and arborists love the versatility of the Avant as it gives them the ability to perform multiple tasks year-round with one machine. Furthermore, Avant machines leave minimal ground disturbance to the most delicate surfaces.

2. Compact

The Avant is compact enough to safely maneuver around tight job sites and in small backyards – it can also be easily transported with ½ ton pick-up & trailer.

3. User-Friendly

Avant loaders are very easy and safe to operate thanks to basic controls and a unique hydraulic connection system. The ROPS safety frame with FOPS canopy, side entry to operator station and low center of gravity make it a safe solution on every job site.

4. Telescopic Boom

The offset telescopic boom allows for greater lifting height and outreach than a conventional or skid-steer loader.

5. Quality

The Avant is manufactured in Finland to the highest standard using only high-quality materials. Avant uses Kubota diesel engines backed by a 24-month warranty.

6. Articulated Chassis

The articulated chassis allows the operator to drive over sensitive surfaces without marking them, including lawns.

7. Stability

A rigid articulation joint means you can safely negotiate demanding terrain.

8. Operator Comfort

Ideally positioned controls and suspension seat beat standing on a loader any day.

9. Product Range

With an extensive product range, encompassing 14 models and over 200 attachments, your needs are covered.

10. Excellent Visibility

The Avant provides 360 degree visibility with clear sightlines from the cockpit.