400 series

Light and economical workhorse

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400 series

A low operating weight, uncomplicated and economical

Avant 400 series loaders are real narrow access specialists and the smallest diesel model in the range. In spite of the small size and low weight of the 400 series, the lifting capacity of the loader is noteworthy with over 1200 lb handled with ease. The loader's turning radius is less than two meters which means the loader turns almost on the spot. Total machine width can be as narrow as 36.5 in. 

Avant 400 series’ compact dimensions and easy maneuverability make it extremely versatile for many different purposes, be it groundcare, agriculture, landscaping, earthmoving, lifting and handling, etc. The machine has enough kick which guarantees the most efficient year-round work. 400 series power is sufficient for most Avant attachments.

  • Lift capacity 1210 lb
  • Lift height 108.2 in 
  • Engine power 22 hp
  • Drive speed 7.5 mph
  • Simple, effective hydraulics means good power and low operating costs
  • Easy to transport with a car trailer

Technical Specifications


the tool that will become your best friend.



Avant attachments have been designed to work as an equal partner on Avant loaders. The best machine-attachment combination and work efficiency can only be achieved when a good machine is fitted with attachments that are specifically designed for the machine. The dimensions, auxiliary hydraulics output and other features of Avant are in perfect balance with the attachments.

Avant loaders and attachments have been designed for year-round use which ensures that the machine is never sitting idle. The wide range of options available for the loaders - like four different cabs, extra work lights, the Opticontroltm attachment control system, etc. - together with technical solutions in the loaders make Avant as comfortable to use in the winter cold as it is on a sunny summer afternoon. 

Avant's hydraulic multi-connector system for coupling the attachment’s hydraulic hoses guarantees easy and effortless connecting and detaching in any situation with a single hand movement. It can be done with the engine running and/or pressure in the attachment, also in freezing ambient temperatures. The mechanism is leak-free and cannot be connected in the wrong way. 

Telescopic boom

While Avant loaders are made as compact as possible, the reach and lift height do not suffer from it.

Avant's telescopic boom makes it possible to have a very compact machine with a great outreach and lift capacity. When the telescopic boom is retracted it is possible to lift heavier loads. With the boom fully extended, the reach and lift height are unparalleled.

In many cases, it is possible to load a trailer from one side thanks to the outreach of the telescopic boom and still have excellent all-round visibility.


Avant’s ingenious articulated design where the driver sits in the front chassis and has a perfect view on the attachment and work area means low center of gravity of the machine, which is an important factor in the stability. Also the rigid articulation joint which doesn’t swing sideways increases stability in all situations and at the same time best possible traction can be achieved thanks to the advanced 4x4 system.

All Avant loaders are equipped with an open ROPS/FOPS certified cab as standard, and also the optional enclosed cabs (L, LX, DLX, GT) comply with the ROPS/FOPS standards.


With over 200 attachments, Avant is a loader with the flexibility to perform all kinds of work. Changing the attachment is very fast and simple thanks to the Avant quick attach system and hydraulic multi-connector. This makes the machine very versatile: you can perform all kinds of work just by changing the attachment.

The uncomplicated and strong construction along with high-quality components means easy maintenance. The use of renowned components also helps to reduce maintenance costs.


Snow chains, road traffic light kits and loads of other options.

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1212 lbs


22 hp diesel


108 in


7.5 mph


Length 86.4 in
Width (standard wheels) 41 in
Height 78 in
Weight 2270-2380 lbs
Standard wheels 23x8.50-12
Transmission, drive Hydrostatic
Pulling force 1543 lbs
Drive speed max. 7.5 mph
Aux. hydraulics oil flow / pressure 8.9 gpm 185 bar
Turning radius inside/outside 34.6 / 77.5 in
Max. lifting height (with telescopic boom) 108 in
Tipping load *) 1212 lbs
Engine make and type Kubota D902
Engine output (ISO Gross) 16 kW (22 hp)
Fuel Diesel


*) lift capacity with a 90 cm pallet


Wheel size Profile Machine width
5 x 10 tractor 40 in
23 x 8.50 - 12 tractor or grass 41 in
23 x 10.50 - 12 tractor or grass 43 in


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