Cattle farms

Avant is the most versatile tool on the farm. Avant loader can take care of all the physically challenging jobs on the cattle farm that earlier had to be done manually. Distributing the feed and demanuring have never been easier.

Avant on the farm - YouTube

Cereal farms

Avant has the best tipping load and lift capacity in its class, which makes the machine a versatile tool for all work at farms. Avant is powerful enough to lift heavy loads and at the same time compact enough to fit into tight spaces - and can even be used indoors. Handling big bags, round bales, pallets, heavy machinery wheels and other heavier goods is easy, secure and quick with Avant. The telescopic boom allows you to complete jobs that require high lift height and outreach.

Poultry farms

An Avant equipped with our signature attachments can make the work in poultry farms a lot easier.

Cleaning and disinfecting can be done with the same machine which you use as a forklift and a property maintenance machine.