Property maintenance



Choose the right tools from our versatile selection of attachments purposely designed for property maintenance, and your Avant loader will deliver results you can be proud of.

In the spring sweeping the pavement is an easy and fast job with Avant and collecting broom – and with Avant you’ll fit those tight spaces where a bigger machine just won’t go!


Sunshine or rain: Avant won’t mind anyway as the job gets done.

Mowing the lawn and cutting hedges has never been easier than working from the comfortable Avant driver’s seat.

The complete Avant attachment range is available also for various maintenance jobs in parks, gardens, graveyards, and other green areas.


Fallen leaves, branches, and other debris is easily cleaned with an Avant.

For instance: with the collecting lawn mower you’ll double the efficiency when you can collect fallen leaves and cut the grass to be ready for the winter at the same time!


Avant offers an efficient and multi-functional system for all your property management needs around the year.

Snowstorm? Your Avant can handle it! Thanks to the various cab options you’ll stay safe from the bad weather, but you’ll still get the job done with ease. Snow blowers, snow buckets, dozer blades, snow plows, and sand spreaders keep everyone else on the road too!