Feb 22, 2021



Now is the best time to save big on Avant loaders


Introducing Avant Tecno Financial Solutions - one partner for fast, easy and affordable financing.

Now is the best time to save big on Avant loaders with Avant Tecno Financial Solutions, a comprehensive branded program for Avant customers that brings all financing needs into a single solution.

The program is built in partnership with Auxilior Capital Partners, North America’s fastest- growing finance company, bringing nearly four decades of experience in building branded, customized financial programs into the market.

Avant is excited to be making its extensive lineup of loaders and 200 attachments more affordable and easily attainable through this innovative partnership.

With Avant Tecno Financial Solutions, customers now have one source for retail financing that includes zero-percent options through May 31, 2023. Easy online application processing, fast credit approval, and possible same day funding make the process seamless.

Currently, Avant Tecno Financial Solutions is offering promotional financing for 24, 36, 48 and 60 months.

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Experience the Avant Advantage

14 models – More than 200 attachments

Avant Tecno’s compact-but-mighty articulated loaders are taking multiple industries by storm, including landscaping, tree care, snow removal, agriculture, property management, demolition and construction. With the latest release of our larger and more powerful 800 series and electric series machines, Avant continues to pioneer and pave the way in the development of internationally acclaimed and innovative compact loaders.

We tailor our articulated loaders to the size, market and weather conditions of every industry and ship everywhere in North America. In other words, Avant machines are just as valuable to an arborist in Florida as they are to a snow removal company in Hamilton, Ontario.


In Their Own Words – Customer Testimonials

“We needed a unit that’s more capable than our compact tractor, with versatility to tackle hundreds of different jobs all without having to buy a different piece of equipment. Protecting customers’ sensitive turf in tight areas is also a make-or-break issue for us, which immediately takes our skid loader out of the picture. The Avant 528 with 150 Mini Digger far exceeded our expectations!” – Chris, Budget Lawn Care & Snow Removal, Saskatoon, Canada

“We love the Avant 635, particularly for its ability to leave minimal ground disturbance on delicate lawns and surfaces. Just the savings and cost of mats and labor alone makes the Avant worth its weight in gold! My team, who would be the ones putting down the ground protection, could not agree more!” – Owner of Frattaroli Property Solutions, New Jersey

"I know what I like in the feel of a machine that I am operating. I want to feel balance, I want to feel small and I want to feel powerful, and the Avant puts all of that together and adds comfortable to the equation. It is so well designed – somebody got it right with Avant.” – Jason, Pleasant Hill Property Services, Maine

“We have been able to handle logs and trees for residential tree care jobs like never before, now that we have added an Avant 528 to our operation!” – Carter’s Tree Service LLC, Pennsylvania

“We use our Avant 635 for tasks including pressure washing, stone and paver seal coating and tree removal – it’s the right machine for every property maintenance job!” – Facility Maintenance Solutions, central Florida




*Available at participating and eligible dealers only. Offers available on new equipment in US and Canada only. Some restrictions apply. Length of contract may vary. Prior purchases not eligible. See dealer for details. Financing provided on approval of credit by authorized Avant finance providers to well-qualified buyers. Administrative fees may apply. Offer not available to government accounts, national accounts and municipal/utility bid customers. Non-commercial customers may not be eligible for low rate financing. Avant Tecno revises their promotional programs routinely; check with your dealer for current promotions. Copyright © 2022 Avant Tecno USA. All Rights Reserved.