Sep 5, 2022

The Avant advantage in Fall clean-up jobs

Your work never ends, no matter the season. Count on Avant to take care of Fall’s clean-up jobs including leaf blowing, fence mowing, power raking and digging.

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Big Power in a Little Package – a smarter way of working

Avant is the original articulated loader built with power, stability and accessibility in mind. Leave the clunky alternatives behind for a machine that increases productivity while saving time, money and manpower on each and every jobsite.

Landscapers and property managers love the versatility of the Avant as it gives them the ability to perform multiple tasks with one machine. The rigid articulation joint and compact design on each machine means you can safely maneuver around demanding terrain and tight Fall clean-up jobsites. There is no need to repair ruts or replant grass on the jobsite once the work is complete as the Avant leaves minimal ground disturbance on the most delicate surfaces.

With an extensive product range encompassing 14 models and more than 200 attachments, Avant loaders are made to work for you. Your landscaping and Fall clean-up needs are covered with Avant. One machine for all jobs!



We love the Avant 635, particularly for its ability to leave minimal ground disturbance on delicate lawns and surfaces. Just the savings and cost of mats and labor alone makes the Avant worth its weight in gold! My team, who would be the ones putting down the ground protection, could not agree more!

– Owner of Frattaroli Property Solutions, New Jersey



I know what I like in the feel of a machine that I am operating. I want to feel balance, I want to feel small and I want to feel powerful, and the Avant puts all of that together and adds comfortable to the equation. It is so well designed – somebody got it right with Avant.

– Jason, Pleasant Hill Property Services, Maine


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Leaf blower

With the leaf blower you can easily and quickly move away large amount of leaves from lawns, yards, sidewalks etc. The hydraulic motor powered blower is very efficient and the big tiltable nozzle blows the leaves away from a large area.

The leaf blower is equipped with electric rotation which allows pointing of airflow exactly to desired direction. Rotation angle is 90° to the left and 145° to the right from the straight forward pointing direction – 235° altogether. Vertical adjustment of the nozzle is manual as standard; stepless electric adjustment is available as an option.

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Fence mower

Fence mower is the perfect attachment for cutting grass under fences, roadside crash barriers, around trees etc. It can also be used to remove weed from road banks, around cornerstones and near buildings.

The fence mower manoeuvres around fence posts easily: when the cutting head comes in contact with the post the extension spring that is mounted between the mower frame and cutting head retracts the cutting head back after touching the post, allowing a smooth operation around the post. The tension and fastening point of the extension spring can be adjusted. In addition, there is a vertical floating system with 4 positions for aligning the cutting head. 

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Rotary hedge cutter

Rotary hedge cutter S30 is an efficient attachment for cutting of shrub, bush, hedge and similar vegetation. It is equipped with three rotors with 4 cutting blades on each rotor. The blades are mounted in two different heights 2+2 on the rotor which – together with the outside rotors rotating inwards - means that they mulch the material into small bits which don’t need to be collected after cutting.

The rotary hedge cutter can be mounted both on the A431070 mechanical side arm and on the A424552 hydraulic side arm. With Avant 600 series the optional 400 lb rear side weights A49063 are recommended on the loader for better stability.

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Flail mower

Flail mower is a drum-type cutter, intended for cutting of long grass, scrub, bush and similar vegetation. It will cut up to 0.8″ thick tree branches with ease.

Flail mower is the optimal cutting device for places where you need a lot of cutting power and a rougher cut will do. The most common applications for flail mower are places with taller vegetation like meadows, road banks, yard areas, etc.

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Power rake

The power rake is a versatile attachment for soil grading, leveling, raking, and removing debris. It can be used, for instance, for preparing seedbeds, cutting grades, grading dirt and gravel roads, and cleaning up and grading different types of sites.

Power rake mills the soil to max. 2.6 in depth. The shaft is equipped with steel teeth. Driving direction is forwards and the shaft rotates against the driving direction. The removable side plates make soil moving and directing it even more efficient. The rake is equipped with two adjustable support wheels and it can be turned to max. +/- 30 degrees angle.

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