Phillips Garden avoids damaging lawns with Avant


"Before we purchased our Avant loader we had to rent a loader that was apropriate for the job and also was stuck with what was available from out local equipment rental outfitter.  Our options there were limited to bobcat skid steer or not renting and having to hoof in wheel barrels and ramps.  It was a back and knee breaker.  The problem with skid steer operations in our urban landscape installation here in Minneapolis is the amount of damage you can create with tire ruts in turf, weight of machine,  machine compaction, and also width/size of any brand of skid steer.  


It wasn't until I really got into it that I realized we needed a special machine.  Here is a short list of what we really wanted and was really important to achieve in our first owned loader.

1. Light weight.  (less damage from compaction and tire ruts.)

2. Handle a heavy load. 

3. Small/narrow. (our specialty is more urban modern installations.  Small lots and tight spaces are everyday challenges for us.)

What really made our purchase most comfortable was the ability to test it out.  Tri-State Bobcat was our local dealer and let me and my crew come down and tool around in it for as long as we liked.  They even offered us to try it out on a job site.  Also, the tree service company we recommend and have a great work relationship with owns the model Avant 528 and were able to talk with there crew about their loader.  What has really surprised me and my crew about our Avant is how often we get surprised."