New Leaf Landcare reducing labor requirements with Avant

adding mulch on retaining wall

“We’re a small landscape and maintenance company with the typical capital constraints that smaller outfits have - therefore we’re always looking to maximize efficiency and versatility on the job site. Avant loaders are nearly the perfect machine given these constraints and the type of jobs we do; they eliminate the need for multiple different machines and drastically reduce our labor requirements.”  

"We used the light material bucket to spread large quantities of mulch and decorative rock that had to be hauled over turf last season. The light ground impact saved us a lot of turf restore."

carrying mulch across delicate surfaces


"We pretty much used it on every other job we did last year as well -boulder walls, srw’s (segmental retaining walls), softscape tear outs, new lawn installations, grading work- really it’s probably the most versatile machine I’ve come across I’m not just ‘tootin your horn’!"

Telescopic boom unloading mulch


Spread decorative rock with bucket