Neidhart Stump Removal Doubles Business with Avant


Dave Neidhart of Neidhart Stump Removal in Marion Ohio started searching for a skid steer for his business, but he said, "they were too expensive, and they caused too much damage to customers yards."  During his search for a machine he learned “that Avant was more versatile and less invasive when it came to customers properties.  Faster than a skid steer and more productive.” The features that sold him were the “maneuverability, power and reliability of the Kubota motor in the machine.”  For such a lightweight machine, the power is unbelievable.  To buy a comparable skid steer would have cost me a fortune and not to mention the difference in weight.  Pound for pound, the Avant out performs any skid steer I have run.”  Before Avant he would have a crew of 2-3 guys clean up and re-seed jobs by hand.  He say’s “it was back breaking labor, and nobody wanted to do it.  I couldn’t price the jobs competitively before owing an Avant.”

Dave said "his stump grinding business was one dimensional prior to adding the Avant 528.  Like most stump removal businesses, we were operating on a grind only model.  We did not offer the cleanup as an option to customers.  We would actually lose jobs because we could not clean up the grindings."  Dave has the bucket broom attachment which allows him to collect grindings easily.  He now offers the cleanup services and reseeding services to his customers because of Avant so he’s more cost effective.  He say’s “Avant has saved him enough time and money to pay for itself in the first year of operation.  I’ve been able to take on new business and will be starting a new division of the business next year because of my 528.” 

Lenny Garrard of Bobcat Enterprises worked with Dave and he was happy at “how willing my dealer was to work with me on trying a demo and finding the correct attachment.”  Dave praises Lenny's customer service and the overall service he gets from his dealer.  “They reach out about once a month to see how things are going.” 

If you’re considering purchasing an Avant Dave say’s “you will not be disappointed.  It is totally unlike any machine that you have ever run before.”