Four reasons why you should consider an articulated loader over a skid steer

Skid steer loaders have been known to be an extremely popular option in different fields that needed power combined with compact size. The skid steer loaders’ ability to turn and maneuver in confined spaces made sure they became commonly used in farming, construction, landscaping and other various operations.

Skid steer technology has come a long way, which also means that it is slowly becoming obsolete. At least in some of the jobs it is used for. The Avant range of articulated loaders has given skid steer loaders a good run for their money, with several landscapers, tree care companies, snow removal companies and farmers discovering the advantages of operating an articulated loader compared to a skid steer one. We’ve made a video comparison of the two to provide insights about how the articulated loader fares against the skid steer alternative. Don’t get us wrong; skid steer can still be a very good option for many jobs, but they are usually utilized in areas where Avant articulated loaders can provide significant advantages.

The Avant advantages over skid steer

In addition to its smaller weight compared to the average skid steer loader, the Avant articulated loaders provide numerous other advantages. We collected the most significant ones below!

1. Access and view

Compared to a skid steer loader, the Avant articulated loaders provide their users with superior view and easier access to the cab. The unobstructed 360-degree view from the cab makes it easier to look around and maneuver in tight spaces. The side entry provides easier access to the cab as you don’t need to climb over the attachment to get in and out of the cab.

2. Telescopic boom

The Avant articulated loaders are equipped with a telescopic boom providing both increased reach and lifting height compared to skid steer loaders. The increased reach gives the Avant loaders a significant advantage in loading and unloading materials, for example. The Avant loaders also provide increased lifting capacity in comparison to the usual skid steer loaders when the boom is used in retracted position.

3. Maneuverability

Since the Avant loaders have articulated steering, maneuvering and operating them is easier and faster than a skid steer loader. Since the articulated steering is far more sensitive than skid steering, they cause minimal damage even when driving on soft surfaces, such as grass.

4. Operating costs (tire wear and fuel consumption)

Due to skid steer loaders’ steering mechanics, the tire wear on them is far greater than with an articulated loader. Skid steer loaders have up to six times higher tire wear compared to an articulated loader. Additionally, since the Avant loaders’ articulated steering uses minimal power from the engine compared to skid steers, their fuel consumption is lower as well. Considering the combination of these two metrics and the general operating costs as well, an articulated loader can save up to 46 000 dollars in its lifetime when compared to the operating costs of a skid steer loader.