D&B Landscaping taking advantage of Avant's versatility

"Great investment.  2 years and not a single major problem."


D&B Landscaping is a 45 year old landscaping company located in Livonia, Michigan. They’ve remained steadfast in their commitment to fairness, quality craftsmanship and most of all, service. They continually push to become a leader within their industry and with a motivated staff of highly trained professionals who bring expertise, enthusiasm and teamwork to each project they offer the quality service to handle any size project.  Dan Bywalec is the President of D&B Landscaping with experience in the field of landscape contracting, commercial grounds maintenance and lawn care. Avant's articulated, compact design helps them get in tight areas for tree installations. Dan say’s “they have 2 Avant 640’s with all the bells and whistles and it’s a great investment. Little pricey, but oh so versatile.” The cost savings of Avant are something Dan raves about. “2 years and not a single major problem! Great customer service!”