AVANT – efficient and precise machine for landscaping

Avant is ready to bring efficiency to the landscaping tasks with its wide range of attachments engineered specifically to the landscaping and ground care professionals.

Thanks to the Avant’s selection of attachments, one Avant can undertake the work of several different machines. From earthmoving and moving of materials, loading and unloading, digging, leveling, milling, and even paving – as well as the maintenance jobs like lawn mowing, sweeping, etc. Since the Avant loader is articulated and designed always as compact as possible, it can work on any site and is very easy to transport on a trailer from one work site to another. This makes all projects fly like the wind while still taking care of the best possible end result – a satisfied customer and your time and money saved.

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Property maintenance all-year-round

Thanks to the complete, high-quality attachment range it tackles the maintenance jobs all-year-round. In winter, snow removal can be done not only with a bucket but with a dozer blade, snowplow, snow broom, or even snow blower. Sand or salt spreading with the hydraulic or towable spreader is fast, and it can also be done at the same time as snow removal: with the snow blower or dozer blade in the front and the spreader in the rear.

The optional spacious cab equipped with an efficient heater guarantees comfortable working conditions despite the weather. Different brooms – also with collector box and side brush are the ideal tools for cleaning streets, parks, and yards.

The complete Avant attachment range is available also for various maintenance jobs in parks, gardens, graveyards, and other green areas.

Versatile and efficient

In landscaping, work environments and sites can vary hugely from one project to another. When you need to move from one site to another in a quick pace, easy transportability becomes a distinct advantage.

Our compact loaders can work in diverse environments and can be transported with a regular trailer with brakes.

No two days are the same when you're working with Avant: it can perform a multitude of jobs and serve a wide range of customers.

Want to be busy working through the summer? All you need is just one of our versatile loaders. Your Avant doesn't need to be standing in the garage even in the winter: with the right attachments, you can keep it working even through the snow.

Ergonomical to use

Driving an Avant is easy on the operator's body and posture as you sit on the ergonomic driver's seat with hands on the steering wheel and boom control lever.

The Avant quick attach system for attachments together with the hydraulic multi-connector for coupling of hydraulic hoses make it easy to switch between attachments and improve operator comfort. This helps the operator to work more productively and swiftly while letting the loader do all the hard work for you.