The versatile rough terrain forklift

With Avant you can easily load trucks and trailers no matter what the weather is like. The 4x4 system will get you to places regular forklifts will never reach.

When you are loading the goods, the telescopic boom is priceless help. It makes it possible to load trucks from one side and lets you reach to places without the need to step out of the operator’s seat.

The all in one property maintenance tool

Avant will tackle your snow work in the winter and mow the lawn in summer. In the spring you can clean the driveways and yards with a brush and rake the leaves in the fall.

You can also get a manlift attachment to Avant, which allows you to reach up to 8 meters height safely and legally. With that attachment, you never need to rent a manlift again for those simple maintenance jobs.

Easy to operate

Learning to drive an Avant or any of the attachments is very fast. Training personnel won’t take much time anymore and you’ll get that job done in no time.

Cleaning or de-clogging a process

We have several customers who are using Avant's for cleaning under some conveyers or other hard to get to places in their process. The compact Avant can easily get to small places and there are several kinds of grapples or cleaning tools to remove various kinds of waste.