3 Mar 2021


Avant compact articulated loaders for sale



Highly manoeuvrable, easy-to-use, and lawn-friendly articulated loaders

Avant articulated loaders are true workhorses for small spaces. Avant loaders can lift almost their own weight and with an articulation joint, they turn directly into even the smallest of job sites. With an Avant articulated loader, you do not need any extra ground protection and you can save money in yearly maintenance costs compared to a traditional skid steer. The compact size makes Avant loaders excellent for tight spaces including fenced-in yards, sidewalks, and warehouses. Over 200 attachments enable maximum usage on the working site – one machine for all jobs!


I know what I like in the machine I’m operating. I want to feel balanced, I want to feel small and I want to feel powerful, and the Avant puts all of that together, adding comfortability into the equation. It is so brilliantly designed – somebody really got it right.” – Jason, Pleasant Hill Property Services, Maine


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Avant articulated loader models

Over the past 30 years, Avant has developed highly multifunctional, compact, and small articulated loaders based on customers’ evolving and ever-growing needs. Seven different loader series offer efficiency, reliability, and variety, not to mention the original and the most technically advanced articulated loaders in the market.

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Unbeatable power-price ratio – Avant 500, 400 and 200 compact loaders

Avant’s 500, 400 and 200 series are versatile, economical yet small and strong. The 500 series offers a lift capacity of 950 kilograms, which is amazing considering the size of the machine. The compact dimensions and good manoeuvrability allow working in large va riety of environments. if you are looking for a low operating weight, Avant 400 is the answer. The loaders are real narrow access specialists with the smallest diesel model in the range. The most compact loader in the market is Avant’s 200 series – be it earthmoving, lawn mowing, digging, load handling or snow removal, 200 series have a wide attachment range for any job.

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Top 10 reasons to invest in an Avant loader:

1. Versatile

Professionals love the versatility of the Avant as it gives them the ability to perform multiple tasks year-round with one machine. Furthermore, Avant machines leave ground disturbance to the minimum on the most delicate surfaces..

2. Compact & Small

The Avant is compact enough to safely manoeuvre around tight job sites and in small backyards – it can also be easily transported with ½ ton pick-up & trailer.

3. User-Friendly

Articulated Avant loaders are very easy and safe to operate thanks to basic controls and a unique hydraulic connection system. The ROPS safety frame with FOPS canopy, side entry to the operator station, and low centre of gravity make it a safe solution on every job site.

4. Telescopic Boom

The offset telescopic boom allows for greater lifting height and outreach than a conventional or a skid steer loader.

5. Quality

The Avant is manufactured in Finland to the highest standard using only high-quality materials.

6. Articulated Chassis

The articulated chassis allows the operator to drive over sensitive surfaces without marking them, including lawns.

7. Stability

A rigid articulation joint means you can safely negotiate demanding terrain.

8. Operator Comfort

Ideally positioned controls and suspension seat beat standing on a loader any day.

9. Product Range

With an extensive product range, encompassing 6 models and over 200 attachments, your needs are covered.

10. Excellent Visibility

The Avant provides 360-degree visibility with clear lines of sight from the cockpit.

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In their own words – customer testimonials

“We needed a unit that’s more capable than our compact tractor, with versatility to tackle hundreds of different jobs all without having to buy a different piece of equipment. Protecting customers’ sensitive turf in tight areas is also a make-or-break issue for us, which immediately takes our skid loader out of the picture. The Avant 528 with 150 Mini Digger far exceeded our expectations!” – Chris, Budget Lawn Care & Snow Removal, Saskatoon, Canada

“We have been able to handle logs and trees for residential tree care jobs like never before, now that we have added an Avant 528 to our operation!” – Carter’s Tree Service LLC, Pennsylvania



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