Trying before buying

Renting an Avant is a great way to try out Avants in your own worksite. If you are interested in buying a loader but haven’t had the chance to use it in action on your own reoccurring tasks, renting an Avant can be a great option for you. This way you don’t only try out the different attachments you could buy, but you can also test different loader models. The modes are very different from each other and it may be a good idea to test them out before making the final decision to buy.

One-time job

Once occurring tasks can still be tough jobs, if you don’t have the right machines for them. Whether you have a backyard-project that requires heavy lifting or a longer project in a construction site, rented Avant can be a great option.

Easy transportability on a car trailer is also a big advantage.

Renting attachments

You might already own an Avant but would need a certain attachment for a task that occurs once a year. With Avant rental, you can easily rent the needed attachment, without stressing about buying an attachment you might not end up using.

Avant rentals give you opportunities to expand the scope, what you can do with Avant, without having to always make a new purchase.

No storage space?

No need for storage space with Avant rental. Sometimes when buying a loader, might there be a challenge with storing the loader.

When using an Avant rental, you don’t have to worry about creating a storage space for the loader, since you only rent the loader when needing it.