Avant Tecno (UK) Ltd

Avant machines have been available in UK for the past 20 year. The company first set-up the shop in the UK with the appointment of a national distributor in 1994. However, in 1999 the decision was taken to take full control of the UK activities by establishing a wholly owned subsidiary to handle everything from sales and marketing to servicing and repairs in order to show its total commitment to the UK market. 

Avant Tecno (UK), based near Thetford in rural Norfolk, has now sold in excess of 5000 compact loaders to a broad spectrum of end users including farmers, landscape gardeners, local authorities, horse owners and private individuals. The list continues to grow. 

In recent years, Avant Tecno (UK) has dramatically expanded sales of its products thanks to help from a growing network of regional dealers now covering most of the country. This network of outlets helps promote the many benefits offered by the small but dynamic green machines and the vast range of tasks they are able to undertake when equipped with any of a choice of over 200 different attachments. Avant pioneered the compact machine sector 25 years ago and we have been innovating ever since. No other manufacturer offers the range of compact loaders and attachments that we do.