The full electric Avant convinced a farmer

The first full electric Avant e5 in Finland was sold to a dairy farm. It has already redeemed its place in daily tasks and gets a lot of praise from the farm owners.


- The best qualities that our new Avant e5 has are zero emissions and low noise level. Me, my wife and our dairy cows are not exposed to the exhaust emissions and the health risks they cause anymore. This was an investment for both our own health and animal well-being, tells the farmer Tero Lahti.


The new Avant e series has two models; Avant e5 and Avant e6, which both are full electric, battery-powered loaders. With battery-powered loader it is possible to work with full power without emissions, so they are perfect for working inside. The new models are developed to meet the needs of farms, horse stables, demolition and construction contractors and are in line with tightening emission standards.


- Avant e5 is compact in size and agile to move, it also has a great outreach. Now we are able to take care of bedding with the loader and can forget the wheelbarrows, rejoices the farmer’s wife Outi Lahti.


In addition to agility, the new models also have all the familiar Avant features; Ease of use and versatility. Quick coupling system for attachments, multi connector for hydraulic hoses and wide range of attachments make e series a great loader option for all kinds of farms and industry.