Avant used to build flood defense model in Rhine Valley

A number of groups are working together to develop “Rhesi” (Rhein, Erholung und Sicherheit), a flood defense project in the Rhine Valley between Austria and Switzerland.

The Rhine is a living river, and the Alpine Rhine Valley is an important habitat for wildlife. Numerous institutions are working towards ensuring the sustainable development of the Rhine Valley as a habitat and an economic region with a future. Project Rhesi is being planned and implemented by the International Rhine Regulation (IRR).

In order to provide residents with the best flood protection, a model hydraulic engineering project for future flood defenses is being constructed in Austria’s Dornbirn Rhine region.

The Rhesi flood defense project moved into the “approval” planning stage in autumn 2018. Hydraulic engineering trials on models are key components of this project stage, and an Avant was purchased to construct the 100-metre length Rhesi model at 1:50 scale.

Because the model will be constructed in a former industrial warehouse, a battery-operated Avant e6 was chosen. The choice was made partly because of the restrictions on the floor’s load-bearing capacity, but also to ensure clean air in the enclosed space. Other major advantages boasted by the Avant e6 are its long service life and extreme maneuverability.

The e6’s huge lifting capacity was a major advantage when building the model system, effortlessly transporting pallets full of bricks to their destinations. With the swivel function, the Avant e6 can transport material to its precise destination — even in very tight spaces.

For the model to operate properly, the collection basins (where sand builds up) must be emptied several times a day. This task is made considerably easier using the appropriate attachment, such as a pallet fork or a light material bucket.