Construction & Demolition


A robust multi-functional construction tool

Avant's three biggest model series, the Avant 600, 700, and 800 series are most often used on construction sites. In addition, the full-electric battery-powered e series is an unbeatable machine for indoor jobs.

Thanks to their versatility, maneuverability, and power, Avant loaders can take care of various jobs in different stages of the construction project – be it a new build, refurbishment, or demolition. On the construction site, Avant doubles as a forklift, loader, digger, and demolition tool - it can even be used to make electricity with the hydraulic generator.

Secure and easy to transport

On construction sites, safety is the foremost concern. Our R&D takes safety very seriously, and that’s why our loaders feature, for instance, certified open ROPS/FOPS cab as standard, various enclosed ROPS/FOPS cab options, excellent visibility from the cab and rigid articulation joint which doesn’t swing sideways and that way improves considerably stability of the machine. Also, the low center of gravity of the machine is an important safety feature.

Transporting the loader from one site to another is easy and can be done with a regular car trailer. On the site, Avant can access incredibly tight spots and can also be lifted to higher floors if necessary, thanks to the designated lifting equipment. Avant's low operation and maintenance costs are a big advantage, especially in labour-intensive construction projects.

Emission-free in the indoors

The Avant e-series loaders are especially good for enclosed indoor job sites. They are battery-powered full-electric loaders and thus you can work with them all day indoors without exhaust gasses giving you any problems.

e series offers the same power as the same size class diesel siblings, so you don’t need to sacrifice any producibility if you need to go electric. Further benefits of electric loaders are low noise levels and low operating costs.


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