Avant production looks forward

An essential part of Avant Tecno’s strategy has always been manufacturing – making the loaders in our own factory from start to finish. This basic line was already formed during the early years of the company. Through strong growth and development, it has gained more distinctive features as the core of our operations. This naturally involves committed factory workers, the number of whom is close to 200 nowadays.

The production path of Avant is as interesting as that of the whole company. From the early years’ production rate of one Avant per day, we have achieved a level of producing one loader per hour, in two shifts. The change has been enormous and it has required many measures. We have always had a well-defined product range to support our production, providing guidelines for the improvement of our operations.

Investments supporting the growth

Our main thread at the present situation is the modular product structure. Around this, we have built a customer-oriented and automated manufacturing infrastructure, according to Lean Thinking. We have had a clear goal in mind: to increase production in compliance with the number of sales, not forgetting the production control, based on common sense, and the high level of automation. With these measures, we can ensure the reliability of our deliveries, the high level of quality, the clarity of our operations and the improvement of our productivity. All of the above-mentioned must be nurtured in the ever-tightening competition situation.

Along with the growth, we have invested nearly 10 million euros in production during the last eight years. The initial production is carried out with a modern cutting line, containing three lasers. The edging cells are still of the traditional type, but an automatic bending system is on the design board to improve quality and efficiency and to relieve the hard work.

The frame components have been welded by robots since 2007. Eight automatic robotic welding stations are in use today. The fully automated welding is a matter of will, and we are approaching the goal. The Avant frames are painted in the semi-automatic powder coating plant before the assembly line.

Towards new opportunities

We keep our focus tightly on future growth possibilities in terms of production, too. The continuous improvement of our operation, raising the level of automation and the high-quality use of automation pave the way for our future. We recently acquired some facilities from the neighboring site, which improves our possibilities to grow and develop even more.

One of our objectives is to achieve world-class new assembly facilities that have been dimensioned for doubling the volume of manufacture. To support our assembly line, we need a super-efficient new surface treatment system and streamlined material flows in the form of renewed logistics units.

In addition to skilled personnel, who are broadminded towards the future, we also need our great customers around the world to enable our future development. We would also like to proudly say ‘Made in Finland’ tomorrow, covering all of our manufacturing operations. This is our goal and our desire – naturally.