We have the privilege to say that our Sales Department has grown! We warmly welcome Richard Lucas to the team AVANT. His job includes working as an Area Sales Manager and although he will be busy being on the road you will be able to meet him in some of the shows that we are attending this year. Richard is based in the Midlands area but can be found from many places just wait and see!

Although he’s new to the family he has been working in the field for quite some time. As the welcoming gift we took Richard to Finland with us to celebrate the 25th birthday of AVANT to see where we come from, to see our factory and meet the team in Finland. He took part in the AVANT Challenge which was a driving competition and performed excellently!

Don’t hesitate to contact him with anything because he is more than happy to help you and ready to find a solution that really works!

How to contact Richard Lucas:

Tel: 07990 546 726 Email: [email protected]