UK’s Favourite Farmer Joins Avant in Trialling their Machines


Adam Henson, probably the best-loved farmer in the UK, is well known to millions of television viewers.   

Each week Adam shares his stories of agriculture and life on the farm where he and his business partner, Duncan Andrews, run a 650-hectare tenancy, together with the Cotswold Farm Park, home to Britain’s most comprehensive collection of rare breed British farm animals.

The many daily jobs on the farm are now much easier for Adam and his team with the help of an Avant loader, which is making light work of the vast array of farming tasks.

Alongside the working farm, the Cotswold Farm Park welcomes thousands of visitors each year and provides plenty of hands-on activities for the whole family, including lambs and goat kids to bottle feed; rabbits, chicks and piglets to meet, seasonal demonstrations (lambing, shearing or milking), farm safari ride, two-mile Wildlife Walk and play areas both indoors and outside.

Adam said: “I’m delighted to be partnering with Avant.  Having the Avant 745 on the farm has improved the speed and efficiency of many jobs and it’s proving very popular with the team at the Cotswold Farm Park.  The large choice of attachments makes the machine extremely versatile”.

Added Raimo Ala-Korpi, Managing Director of Avant UK: “We are very pleased to have an association with Adam. He’s so passionate about farming and conservation, and we’re glad that our machine is helping with the many jobs that need doing on a busy farm.”

Avant manufactures a wide range of compact, 4-wheel drive machines, which can be fitted with a very comprehensive range of accessories to make general maintenance and equestrian jobs, easy and less labour intensive.

The multipurpose Avant 700 series, as used by Adam and the team at the Cotswold Farm Park, will tackle a wide range of tasks quickly and easily. Whether you need to move bales of silage around the farm, lift large bags of fertiliser or replace large quantities of animal bedding, no job is too strenuous.

With more than 150 attachments available, almost any job will become simple. All attachments are quick, easy and safe to attach.

Featuring an 8-way joystick, self-levelling system, two front work lights, standard tyres 26x12-12 traction or grass profile, and hydrostatic 4WD, the Avant 745 has a powerful diesel engine.

There are three different cab models available to suit all applications and weather conditions.

Avant has also recently launched a new battery powered electric range, which have zero emissions and minimal noise level.

For further information contact Avant Tecno (UK) Ltd on 01953 714896, email [email protected] or visit www.avant.co.uk