Electric information coming your way!


AVANT is launching a new fully electric compact loader e5 which is one of the most versatile power-driven machines in the world! This no emission, fully battery powered machine is truly exceptional! e5 articulated loader has several great benefits. It enables the use of the loader in spaces that do not allow any emissions or where operations have noise restrictions. The best part is that you are able to attach the standard AVANT attachments to your new e5, and on top of that it has very low operating costs compared to traditional wheeled loaders.


With e5 you ensure healthier and more comfortable working environment to your employees and for yourself without giving up working power. e5 is to be launched in UK during Autumn but remember to keep an eye on even greener news later this year!

More information, contact [email protected]




In the picture you can see Garry Knox trying out the new Avant e5 on the race track in Finland.