14 Dec 2023

Avant 755i Loader: A Transformative Tool

Richard Overton, the steward of a family business established in the 1900s, has praised the transformative power of the Avant 755i Loader in improving their operations.

With a deep-rooted history in agriculture, the Overton family has witnessed the evolution of their business from its humble beginnings, where Richard's grandfather toiled to expand their landholding, to the present day, marked by a diverse portfolio of activities ranging from potato cultivation to cold storage, a livery yard, landscaping, and more.

The turning point in their operations came with the decision to diversify, a strategic move that required a versatile and reliable piece of equipment. Richard, having previously relied on two 3.5-tonne machines, sought something more adaptable to the dynamic needs of the business.

"I always had an eye on the Avant. We tried one out, we liked it, and so we bought one. We required one we could put on a trailer and tow because we needed it at both of our sites, so we went for the 755i model because I believe it's the biggest you can legally tow. It fits great on our trailer," shares Richard. The decision to invest in the Avant 755i Loader, part of the 700 series, proved to be a game-changer for the Overton family.

Unleashing the Potential of the Avant 755i Loader: A Year-Round Workhorse

The Avant 755i Loader, renowned for its high lift capacity and drive speed, belongs to the 700 series designed for multi-use tasks across various industries. Richard highlights the machine's ability to seamlessly transition between cleaning, property maintenance, farm operations and landscaping. Its compact design, coupled with high-flow auxiliary hydraulics, ensures unmatched versatility in handling diverse attachments.

The decision to opt for a cab-equipped model reflects the Overton family's commitment to year-round productivity. "Because we are going to be busy in the summer and the winter, we thought we needed a cab – so we could be warm in the winter but have air conditioning in the summer. We ended up buying the best machine we could get," affirms Richard. He opted for the GT cab which comes with heating, sound-absorbing interior, windscreen washer and wiper, cab air filter and front and rear mudguards as standard.

Attachments Galore: The Swiss Army Knife of Machinery

What sets the Avant 755i Loader apart is its compatibility with over 200 attachments, turning it into a true Swiss Army Knife of agricultural and landscaping equipment. Richard proudly details the array of attachments they employ, including the brush, the leveller, the lawn mower, the 4 in 1 bucket, and the root grapple. Each attachment serves a distinct purpose, showcasing the machine's adaptability.

"The root grapple isn’t just for roots; it is also used for picking up round bales of straw and logs. It has a great feature where the top grapple closes in two bits so if you have an uneven piece of wood, it doesn't just grab one side of it; it works independently, which is really clever," notes Richard.

“Just the other day we were able to deliver and unload 16 tonnes worth of slabs round the back of a private property in no time at all. Previously this would have taken 2 or 3 days of hard graft with a wheelbarrow; so, the time saving is incredible. I think the Avant Loader really is a Swiss Army Knife.”

The Avant Advantage: Cost-Effective, Economical, and Reliable

Richard emphasises the cost-effectiveness of the Avant 755i Loader, asserting, "Every machine has its limitations, but I think the Avant Loader does every job more than adequately. It has saved us money because we don't need 5 or 6 machines – the Avant can do them all." The manoeuvrability, diesel efficiency, and ability to navigate tight spaces make it an indispensable asset for the Overton family business.

In praising the local Avant dealer, Ben Burgess, Richard underlines the importance of reliable support. "Back-up is crucial when purchasing a new machine, and I get a great service from Ben Burgess.”

A Testament to Innovation and Tradition

The Avant 755i Loader stands as a testament to the innovative approach of a family business that has spanned generations. In choosing the Avant Loader, the Overton family has not only embraced a versatile and efficient tool but has also set the stage for sustained success in the years to come.