21 Aug 2023

Ensuring Longevity and Authenticity: Introducing Permanent Serial Numbers and Complimentary Tie Downs with Every Avant UK Machine Order

At Avant Tecno, our unwavering commitment to innovation, durability, and customer satisfaction drives us to continuously enhance your experience. We’re thrilled to introduce two new features that underscore our dedication to quality, safety, and providing you with the utmost value.

Introducing Permanent Serial Numbers - A Testament to Authenticity and Longevity

Craftsmanship is at the heart of every Avant machine. In our pursuit of excellence, we’re excited to unveil a unique enhancement - the Permanent Serial Number, this distinctive identifier is designed to stand the test of time, remaining a permanent testament to your machine’s authenticity and provenance.

This initiative holds a significant benefit: your Avant machine’s serial number will stay intact, even after years of robust usage. This durability not only assures authenticity but also offers crucial traceability for any potential future reference. Our Permanent Serial Number initiative speaks volumes about our commitment to transparency and our promise to provide you with machines that endure.

Complimentary Tie Downs - Safeguarding Your Investment

Safety is a cornerstone of our values. With your security in mind, we’re delighted to announce that every Avant machine order now includes complimentary Tie Downs on wheel hubs. These essential accessories are crafted to secure your machine during transportation, safeguarding its condition and ensuring it arrives at your location in optimal shape.

Our focus on your safety extends beyond the machine itself. By providing Tie Downs with each order, we aim to streamline your experience from start to finish. This gesture underscores our unwavering dedication to your satisfaction and safety.

Elevating Your Avant Experience

These new enhancements reflect our unceasing drive for excellence. Whether your Avant machine powers landscaping, construction, property maintenance, or any other application, you can now do so with added confidence. Every Avant machine now proudly bears the permanent stamped Serial Number, ensuring a lasting connection to its origin, and arrives with complimentary Tie Downs to ensure secure transit.

We invite you to explore our diverse machine range, each featuring the enduring Stamped Serial Number and accompanied by complimentary Tie Downs. Embark on a journey with Avant, where innovation, quality, and customer-centricity unite to elevate your projects.

At Avant Tecno, we’re not just providing machines; we’re delivering solutions that empower your success. Welcome to a new era of permanence, authenticity, and safety with Avant.

For more information and to explore our machine offerings, visit [Avant Tecno website link].

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