We make high-capacity batteries optimized for compact loaders

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Batteries made by Avant – why?

For over 30 years, Avant Tecno has manufactured compact loaders and attachments. We are the global market leader in our field.

After working with electric loaders and batteries for decades, we have come to realize that there was no battery pack in the world that would be perfectly optimized for compact loaders. That is why we decided to start making batteries ourselves.

Avant Power, the new subsidiary of Avant Tecno, will start manufacturing batteries used in Avant’s electric loaders in 2023. Now, we can offer our customers battery packs that are 100% suitable for Avant loaders. In most cases, it is possible to work the whole day with a fully charged Avant e5-27.

We daresay Avant Power’s batteries will start a new era for electric loaders in terms of capacity, longer operating time, longer operating life, absolute safety, sustainability, and affordable pricing.

OptiTemp Batteries

The new OptiTemp battery packs feature a globally unique immersion lithium-ion technology offering Avant users several benefits.

High capacity: up to 27 kWh. The 4-module OptiTemp battery (27 kWh) gives an electric Avant e5 loader twice the capacity of other loaders in its size class. With a 4-module battery in your loader, you can work the whole day with one single charge.

OptiTemp system inside. A globally unique thermal management system keeps the temperature optimized and gives you the same capacity in hot and freezing weather.

Rapid charging. Thanks to the structure of the battery, you can charge your battery in just 1,5 hours with a rapid charger, which enables long workdays.

Absolute safety. Unique solutions for safety – the structure and the immersion cooling system of the battery – guarantee 100% safe batteries.

The new Avant e5-13 & e5-27 loaders

The capacity of electric loaders is entering a whole new level.

Avant’s two new fully electric loader models, Avant e5-27 and Avant e5-13, will be equipped with Avant’s own OptiTemp batteries (27kWh and 13kWh) which feature a globally unique thermal management system.

A fully charged battery in Avant e5-27 allows a whole workday with one single charge. The battery capacity is twice the size of other manufacturers’ products.


Loader model

Avant e5-13

Avant e5-27

Voltage 44V 44V
Capacity 13 kWh 27 kWh
Operation time* 3 hours 6 hours
Lift capacity 900 kg 900 kg
Lift height 2790 mm 2790 mm
Drive speed 10 km/h 10 km/h
Auxiliary hydraulics 30 l/min 30 l/min

*In medium duty loading work; no hydraulic attachments used.


Patent pending

Double-module OptiTemp battery

Rated voltage 44,4V
Rated capacity 13,5 kWh
Weight appr. 120 kg
Width 420 mm
Length 845 mm
Height 398 mm


Patent pending

4-module OptiTemp battery

Rated voltage 44,4V
Rated capacity 27,1 kWh
Weight appr. 200 kg
Width 420 mm
Length 845 mm
Height 564 mm


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Read everything you need to know about Avant Power, the new OptiTemp battery packs and the new fully electric Avant e5-27 and Avant e5-13 loaders unveiled in the international Bauma fair in Munich, Germany, on October 24, 2022.

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