Apr 24, 2023


Reminder regarding the safe use of Avant loaders

April 24, 2023

The Nordic media has recently covered cases of damage and fires related to Avant loaders. In these cases, the cause of ignition is suspected to be a short circuit in Avant’s electrical system for one reason or another.

As the manufacturer, we would like to remind our customers about the regular cleaning and maintenance of loaders, and the use of the battery disconnect switch. When carrying out maintenance, special attention should be paid to the condition of the loader in terms of electrical components and, if necessary, to update the electrical wiring harnesses. Our customers are reminded of the safe operating methods of the machine, for example, in the loader’s instruction manual and stickers in the machine cab.

As a manufacturer of articulated loaders, we are constantly working to improve product safety, including fire safety. At the end of 2017, we took into production the first product development measures that significantly improve fire safety of our loaders.

One example of our continuous product development regarding fire safety is the PDU (Power Distribution Unit) found in many of our latest loader models. It effectively improves the electrical safety of loaders. The PDU limits and protects the power supply from the battery to the machine in various situations.

Reducing risks together

The greatest fire risk concerns old machinery – and not just Avants, but all machines. Regardless of the make, model or size of a machine, a short circuit or fire hazard is always a risk in machines that contain electrical components. In agriculture, small loaders are used in very challenging conditions. Still, even one fire incident is too many.

As a manufacturer, we take this matter very seriously and, as far as possible, strive to ensure that no damage occurs. It is good that the issue has come up for public discussion, because this allows us to remind our customers of fire safety once again, and we can reduce potential risks together.

Cleanliness, maintenance and using the battery disconnect switch improve safety

We would like to remind our customers of the general safety instructions related to the use of the loader:

  1. The loader is equipped with a battery disconnect switch. Always switch off the main current before you leave the loader unattended.
  2. Clean the loader regularly to avoid build-up of flammable debris, such as dust, leaves, hay, straw, etc. in the engine compartment.
  3. Compliance with the maintenance schedule shown in the loader’s manual is important. Maintenance should be carried out at appropriate intervals.

When these three things are taken care of, it is safe to operate the loader and there is no fire risk.

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