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Fully electric Avant: Work all day on a single charge

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e series

Silent, emission-free, and powerful electric loader with an Avant OptiTemp® battery

The renewed Avant e series starts a new era for electric loaders. These third-generation electric loaders are equipped with Avant OptiTemp® lithium-ion batteries, designed and produced specifically for Avant loaders. The batteries are manufactured by Avant Power in Ylöjärvi, Finland.  

Considering the battery capacity, the price of the Avant electric loader is very competitive, and the globally unique battery technology further improves the safety, working time, durability, and lifespan. Avant’s e series is like the 500 series diesel loaders in terms of dimensions and characteristics – but without the combustion engine emissions or maintenance needs. 

The all-electric e-series is ideal for confined spaces and construction sites where machine noise and emissions are strictly limited.


Choose the right loader for your needs 

The new fully electric loader models, the Avant e513 and Avant e527, are identical in dimensions. The only difference lies in the capacity and weight of the lithium-ion batteries. 

The Avant e513 is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 13 kWh. This loader model is a good choice for intermittent use, e.g. for cattle farms, horse stables, nurseries and gardens with greenhouses and other indoor jobs. Depending on the prevailing conditions, the operating time in medium duty loading work is approximately 3 hours. 

The Avant e527 has a higher capacity lithium-ion battery (27 kWh). This loader model is ideal for demanding professional use – a great choice for construction and demolition contractors. The operating time in medium duty loading work is up to 6 hours, depending on the prevailing conditions. With a fully charged Avant e527, you can work all day practically on any construction site. 

Technical specifications

  • 100% electric Avant
  • Avant OptiTemp® battery optimized for Avant loaders with a next generation thermal management system and unique security solutions
  • The right machine for indoor spaces with low ventilation
  • Complies with the tightening emission and noise level regulations at worksites
  • Efficient work in both hot and cold conditions
  • Optidrive® drive system – more power to drive transmission and attachment hydraulics

The tool that will become 
your best friend.

Globally unique battery technology

The renewed Avant electric loaders are equipped with Avant OptiTemp® battery packs (13 kWh and 27 kWh), which are designed and manufactured by Avant Tecno's subsidiary, Avant Power. The energy density of the patented Finnish lithium-ion batteries is probably the best in the world – about double that of the previous Avant e6 electric loader battery.

The new batteries utilize globally unique Avant OptiTemp® technology with excellent thermal management. The system keeps the battery temperature optimized whenever the loader is either in use or connected to the charger. In cold weather, the battery connected to the charger automatically preheats itself before use, and the preheated batteries work excellently even in severe frost.

Security is also top notch. OptiTemp Fluid, the special fluid inside the battery used in the immersion cooling technology, keeps the heat constant throughout the battery. The efficient heat transfer to the liquid prevents individual cells from overheating in the unlikely event of failure. The OptiTemp system, the design of the batteries and the bonding technology create multi-layered protection for the batteries and make them extremely safe.

Fast charging in under 1,5 hours

E-sarjan Avanteissa on vakiovarusteena 3 kW (230 V / 10 A) laturi, mutta optiona saatava pikalaturi nopeuttaa akun lataamista merkittävästi.  

The e series Avants come with a standard 3 kW battery charger, but the optional rapid charger significantly speeds up battery charging.

Two rapid chargers are available as options: a 400 V / 16 A fast charger and an even more powerful 400 V / 32 A fast charger that allows you to charge the battery of the Avant e527 loader almost fully in less than an hour and a half.

The rapid charger comes mounted on a stand so that it is easy to move on the work site if necessary. The stand is equipped with Avant quick attach bracket in the rear, forklift brackets in the bottom and lifting lugs on top.

The current Avant rapid charger is also suitable for the new e-series models, so if the old electric Avant is replaced with a new one, there is no need to buy a new charging station. You only need to get the rapid charging inlet (loader option).

Charging times

Loader model Avant e513 Avant e527

Onboard charger 3 kW, standard  

2 h 50 min 5 h 40 min
Rapid charger 400 V / 16 A, option   1 h 10 min  2 h 20 min 
Rapid charger 400 V / 32 A, option   - 1 h 10 min


Charging time is affected by prevailing conditions and temperature. The charging times are indicated from 10% to 80% of the battery’s available charge level (SOC). 

Running costs

The operating costs of Avant’s electric loaders are significantly lower than those of diesel-powered loaders, as there are no maintenance and repair costs for the internal combustion engine on electric machines. 

Simpler maintenance procedures are also advantages of an electric loader. Batteries and electric motors are practically maintenance-free, except for regular cleaning.

There are also fewer checkpoints and there is no need to change engine oil, coolant, or engine filters in periodical service. In practice, only hydraulic oil and hydraulic filters must be replaced in electric machines. The difference is clearly visible in service costs because the price of a periodical service of electric Avants is about 50 % lower.


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