The AVANT 200 Series: The Ultimate Multitasking Machines

AVANT is a company that is respected globally for their ability to produce machines and attachments that allow consumers in numerous industries to tackle various elements of work, and in the 200 Series AVANT has produced the ultimate multitasking machine.

The AVANT 200 series is the smallest of the compact loaders that are produced by the Finnish company, which therefore allows these machines to be used for an even wider range of applications. They have been improved further on the previous versions, adding increased visibility and stability, along with a raft of new improvements and features. 

The 200 Series consists of four specific models, which are the 220, 225, 225 Park and 225 LPG. Production on these will begin from December 2015 to March 2016, with all of the models in production by the second quarter of next year. 

Fitted with a 20hp Kohler carburettor engine, the AVANT 220 benefits from a 29l/min auxiliary hydraulics flow, which allows this incredible mini machine to have a lifting power of 350kg, a lifting height of 145cm and an operating weight of 690kg.

The strong engine and small size ensures that the AVANT 200 Series remains the ultimate multitasker, which is ideal for light duty professional work or property maintenance for homes, plots or large outside areas such as church yards or parks.

The new more powerful AVANT 225 enjoys the specifications of a 25hp Kohler EFI engine, a 50l/min auxiliary hydraulics flow and a heavy duty air filter, which gives it a lifting power of 350kg, a lifting height of 145cm and an operating weight of 710kg.

The AVANT 225 Park is similar to the 225 model, but it includes a cab for the driver of the machine, while the lifting height is 75cm and the operating weight increases to 750kg. This means that this particular model is well suited to snow removal, lawn mowing, as well as sweeping and leaf collecting.



The AVANT 225 LPG is a model that runs on liquid propane gas, which allows the 24hp Kohler EFI engine to be low emission, but this lightweight machine which is suited to indoor work still provides an incredible lifting capacity of 350kg and a lifting height of 145cm. This makes the AVANT 225 LPG particularly popular amongst building contractors and very useful for demolition work.


The Kohler EFI engine produces a 25% fuel saving compared to the carburettor equivalent, so the 225 models are also fuel efficient. All of the mentioned models benefit from the AVANT quick attach technology, while the tyres are 20 x 8,00 – 10” size which are available in tractor and turf profiles, depending on what the machine’s major functions will be.


An integrated road traffic kit is available for these AVANT machines, as well as rear hydraulics, a suspension seat, anti-slip valve and 6 function joystick. 


The new design of the 200 Series ensures more space for the driver, as well as a more comfortable and smooth drive, and from a tech perspective a multifunction display is another excellent addition. Additional improved features include the auxiliary hydraulics lever operated by hand, as well as more battery capacity and a increased fuel tank capacity.


Another element that AVANT proudly produced for this series is an automatic drive release that is set from the factory to an optimum setting. There is no switch or adjusting screw for the driver, which is less confusing and therefore becomes easier to operate.


These incredible machines will be available for South African consumers through AVANT SA, the official distributor of AVANT machines in the country.