AVANT Tree Transplanter Now Available In South Africa

 August 19, 2015 Avantavant machinesAvant SAmini loadermini loadersTree Transplanter


AVANT Tree Transplanter

AVANT machines are capable of completing so many tasks, that their use has unquestionably been an improvement to so many different industries in South Africa, such as agriculture, mining and construction.

But just when it seemed that the AVANT set of machines and attachments could not possibly become even more useful, AVANT SA is now able to offer clients in various industries the Tree Transplanter attachment, which is also known as a Tree Spade.

As the name suggests, the AVANT Tree Transplanter is a specialised machine that allows for the transplanting of large plants via mechanised means. This is especially useful for large trees which would be very difficult to transplant by hand using spades, wagons, and other equipment.

The AVANT Tree Transplanter or Tree Spade attachment can be used to transplant large bushes and small or medium trees from one area to another with precision and ease.

Tree Spades on the AVANT machines do for transplanting what tractors and harvesters do for agriculture, or what excavators and other heavy equipment do for construction, simplifying a process that was previously done by traditional means and saving those undertaking the transplant in terms of time, money and effort.

The way in which the AVANT Tree Transplanter works is that blades encircle the tree, digging into the ground and then lifting the entire tree, including its roots and soil, out of the ground, so that it can be transported safely and simply to where it needs to be transplanted.

The AVANT machines therefore add yet another element to the growing uses that the Mini Loaders have for industries, with both construction and agriculture benefiting from such a phenomenally dynamic attachment.