AVANT SA Launches New Sugar Cane Cutter Attachment


AVANT continues to develop innovative ways in which their machines can be used to make the work of others easier, and one of the industries that has benefited the most from research and development on the side of AVANT is agriculture.

With this in mind, and over 100 attachments already available for use on AVANT machines, a new addition has now been launched into the attachment family with a focus on a particular segment of farming.

Designed for use on the AVANT Mini Loader, the new Sugar Cane Cutter Attachment is set to revolutionise the way in which sugar farmers work on a daily basis and produce the staple food product that is widely used.

Designed and built in South Africa with the sugar cane industry in mind, the innovation was a result of numerous requests from farmers who have struggled with the time-consuming and costly process in its traditional form.

The AVANT Mini Loader has a dedicated oil flow requirement, making the combination a unique first in the agricultural sector.

With affordability in mind, the new AVANT attachment was developed so that the combination would be available at a third of the cost of traditional cutter machines that are currently used in the sugar cane industry, while operation costs have also been decreased with the AVANT version to only a fraction of traditional larger machines available in the industry.

While this particular attachment is perfect for the sugar cane industry, it is important to note that the AVANT Mini Loader can also be used for an abundance of tasks in variety of industries including the construction, mining and earthmoving sectors, thanks to the multiple attachments which are designed with the user in mind.

For details on the new AVANT Sugar Cane Cutter Attachment, please email [email protected]