AVANT has been known from its telescopic boom for a long time. The telescopic boom makes it possible to have a very compact machine with a greater lifting capacity. When the telescopic boom is retracted it is possible to lift a huge amount of weight.  With the boom fully extended, the reach and lifting height are unparalleled. 




The AVANT Attachment Connection System is a simple and easy way of connecting the attachment.  The mechanical connection system is half automatic. It means that the attachment can be connected and locked directly from the cab by tilting the attachment back. 

The Hydraulic Quick Attachment Coupling Plate is another way to connect to attachments and is available as an option. This quick attachment plate is operated from the cabin of the loader and makes it  possible to release and open the connection without leaving the cab.  The Hydraulic Multi Connector System of AVANT is the most advanced in the market. Easy connecting and detaching is also possible with engine running and/or pressure on attachment. Connection works in all situations and it cannot be connected in the wrong way. The mechanism is leak free, so changing the attachment is no longer a messy and there is no oil drip while detaching.




The articulated loaders of AVANT are very easy to drive. The loader is controlled from the steering wheel and forward or reverse driving is controlled with two pedals. The machine's compact dimensions facilitate driving, because operator can see the whole machine and attachment while sitting in the driver´s seat. Even if you don´t have any previous experience driving machines, you can learn to drive an AVANT with just few hours of practice.



The AVANT 640 can reach speeds up to 14 mph. This speed enables the 640 loader to be effect and efficient for property maintenance in the city.

The speed of AVANT 635 and AVANT 630 is 9 mph, which is enough speed to maneuver in smaller areas or while on the construction site.