It is incorrect to assume that artificial turf fields do not require any maintenance.  While an artificial turf field requires significantly less work than a natural field, they must be maintained.  A field that is not maintained can cause significant injuries to the athletes playing on them, including an increased risk of concussion.  Also, an unmaintained field can affect the playability of a field, changing the way the ball bounces and rolls.

Avant keeps your artificial turf clean and safe.  The deep cleaning action of the Artificial Turf Attachment collects dust particles and other debris hiding beneath the turf fibers and rejuvenates the playing surface, making it safer for athletes of all ages.

But the Avant can do more than just clean your artificial turf.  With hundreds of attachments available, you can clear snow in the winter, maintain flower beds in the spring, collect leaves in the fall, and perform almost any other task you can imagine.  With Avant, one machine can do many jobs.