Avant käyttäjäkokemus LVI Dahl nosto

Avant 745 enhances LVI-Dahl's warehouse logistics

LVI-Dahl is the leading HVAC, public utility and industrial pipe products wholesale company in the Nordic and Baltic region. They have an Avant 745 working in their Kuopio, Finland area warehouse. The outdoor area of the warehouse is hard to properly maintain during winter time. For this purpose, they needed a loader to handle truck's work and the area's property management especially in winter. A nice benefit was that Avant 745 is also agile and powerful 4WD loader which works nicely outdoors as well as indoors if needed.

"We are doing wholesales to HVAC installation companies, hardware stores, infrastructure construction and industry in all. Satisfied customers, good customer service and fast delivery times are three most important things to keep us alive. For this reason, warehouse logistics must be okay all year round, "says Jussi Laaksonen, warehouse Manager at LVI-Dahl Storage.

Driving a truck is especially difficult in the winter time in the storage area, it gets stuck to snow and working is not fluent as it should. For this reason, the company began to find out which machine could work better in their use and soon they found out about Avant. "We looked up information from the internet and from there we found out that Avant 745 could be suitable model for us. The loader needs to be agile and small enough to be able to move around in narrow spaces. However, the lifting power of the loader should be brilliant. Jumping in and out of the loader needed to be easy. For these reasons, the Avant 700 series seemed to be suitable for us," Jussi adds.

Avant käyttäjäkokemus LVI Dahl

From left. Jussi Laaksonen ja Kari Autio

Avant's absolute advantage is a wide range of attachments. Before Avant, the property maintenance of the warehouse was done by hand. Blasting snow by hand in the middle of all the hurry is not effective, but the yards must always be kept in shape. Nowadays, this work is also done in Avant. Both Avant and the excellent range of attachments as well as Avant's aftersales gets praise. "There was a test drive and demo days at the local dealer´s place. In this event we got to test drive Avant.  After this experiment, we were convinced that this is the right machine for our needs. There is also an aftersales and service office nearby. For our work, it is essential that all machines are always in working shape and there are no service breaks. Until now, we have nothing bad to say about Avant's service or spare parts, they are working reliably! " says Jussi.

Another important matter that has affected Avant's purchasing is the safety of the loader. LVI-Dahl´s warehouse employs a total of 24 people, of which 6 are in warehouse and 6 are customer service, all of whom are trained to drive all the machines in use at the warehouse. "One of the advantages of Avant is its good visibility from the cabin in every direction and especially to the boom. We think that the visibility is even a little better than from the truck's cabin as the driver sits higher. Avant is also easy to use and its various functions are quick to absorb, " Jussi says.