Nov 3, 2015


Finnish Avant Tecno presents new Avant 200 series

Production of the completely new Avant 200 series will start at Avant Tecno’s factory in Ylojarvi, Finland in January 2016.  This compact multi purpose loader is a great helper both in various do-it-yourself as well as in professional property maintenance, groundcare, landscaping and similar tasks. Avant 200 series is an excellent tool for professionals in places where space is limited and a lightweight machine is necessary, and it can tackle even smaller scale demolition jobs.

”The new Avant 200 series offers in the first place more power, user friendliness and options. In addition, ease of operation and safety have been further improved. As the main customer group on many markets is the do-it-yourself sector, user friendliness has been top priority in the design of the new 200 series. Working with the machine must be easy also for people who are not professional operators. The new series features for instance an improved quick attach system for attachments, better visibility, more spacious cockpit and a new multi function display on the dashboard”, says Sales Director Jani Käkelä.

One of the most important new technical features of the new Avant 200  series can be found in the chassis. The machine is 20 mm wider and 60 mm longer than its predecessor, which improves stability, among other things.  The operator can see this especially in better ergonomics and more spacious legroom.  Thanks to the new chassis there is also more storage space for tools etc. In addition, fuel tank and battery are considerably larger than before.

The new 200 series also features the same Avant quick attach system for attachments than on the bigger models. It not only makes coupling of the attachments easier, but also makes the mounting of the attachment on the loader more solid.
”Attachment coupling system is now the same in the new 200 series as in the bigger Avants. And the hydraulic hoses of the attachment are coupled with the multi connector, which guarantees easy connecting with a single hand movement – in all conditions”,  adds Jani Käkelä.

The loader is equipped with a multi function display as standard equipment, including hour meter, fuel gauge and indicators for the engine and the optional road traffic light kit. Other options are e.g. cab L, suspension seat with heater, 6 function joystick, anti slip valve and LED work light kit.

Four models for different needs

The new Avant 200 series consists of four models. Avant 220 is equipped with a strong 20 hp gasoline engine, a real multi task machine for homeowners. When more power is needed, the right choice is the Avant 225 with a completely new 25 hp Kohler EFI gasoline engine and auxiliary hydraulics oil flow as high as 50 l/min.

Production of the 200 series will start with the models Avant 220 and 225.  Later, in spring 2016 the model series will be completed with 225 Park and 225LPG.  Avant 225 Park is equipped with cab L and destined especially for property maintenance tasks, like lawn mowing, sweeping, leaf collecting, snow removal and sand & salt spreading. Avant 225LPG is equipped with a low emission LPG engine and is therefore well suited also for indoor refurbishing and demolition jobs, where a low unladen weight of the machine is essential.