2014. aug. 21.

Powerful and environmentally friendly Avant 760i

Avant takes again a big leap forward with the introduction of the Avant 760i.  It is a completely new model and the biggest loader from Avant.  When driving the new Avant 760i it is easy to see that the R&D efforts have not been in vain. This new loader model with modern engine technology has more power and torque, but at the same time lower fuel consumption, exhaust emissions and noise. Familiarise yourself with new Avant 760i – you’ll be delighted with the new features it offers.The new Avant 760i is the most powerful model from Avant.  One could playfully call it the biggest mini loader in the world. Avant 760i combines successfully the lift capacity and work efficiency of a bigger loader with the versatility and agility of a smaller machine. 

Avant 760i is equipped with the Kohler KDI 56 hp/225 Nm diesel engine which complies with the most stringent Tier 4 Final emission regulations. Compliance with the new regulations has been a major challenge for all engine manufacturers, but Kohler in particular has invested vast sums of money in the development of diesel engines in this output category. According to Kohler the development of this engine series has been a project worth more than 30 million Euros. 

The starting point of the engine design has been Tier 4 final compliance without the need for a diesel particulate filter (DPF) or diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), commonly referred to as AdBlue. Low emissions – and consequently low fuel consumption – are achieved by using a high pressure (2000 bar) common rail fuel injection system, turbocharger, intercooler, cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), four valves per cylinder technology and a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) within the exhaust system.

The Kohler is a highly modern diesel engine, equipped with CAN bus technology and electronic engine control unit (ECU). 


Avant 760i is a quiet and reliable powerhouse 

When you start to drive the new 760i you notice immediately that the R&D efforts have not gone wasted. Especially the torque of the engine is considerably higher than on traditional technology diesel engines in this output class. With Avant 760i you can easily work on practically idle engine revs, because the torque curve is very even and max. engine torque is available from almost idling. This gives a completely new feeling of power, as the engine will not stall even if it is heavily loaded on low revs. 

Another thing that the driver will notice immediately is the quietness of the machine.  Both the noise at the driver’s seat and the drive-by noise have been significantly reduced thanks to the modern engine which can be operated at lower maximum revs (2200 rpm). In addition to the lower rpm, the noise of the engine itself is considerably lower than on traditional diesel engines thanks to the electronic fuel injection. The Kohler engine also generates less heat, which allows the use of a smaller cooling fan. This further reduces the noise level.

Low fuel consumption protects the environment and saves money

Avant owner is delighted not only with the increased power and work efficiency, but also with the lower fuel consumption of the 760i. Compliance with the stringent emission regulations means excellent fuel economy as well. Even though engine output has increased by almost 20 per cent and torque by over 40 per cent,  fuel consumption has decreased by over 20 per cent.

Environmental values are becoming more and more important, and the new Avant 760i complies in every respect with the current European emissions legislation. The new Kohler KDI engine also fulfils the requirements of the Tier 4 Final standard which came into effect in North America in the beginning of 2013. Tier 4 is significantly stricter than the Stage 3B emission regulation which is applied in Europe at the moment.

The exceptional thing about Kohler is the way they have achieved the Tier 4 Final compliance. There is no diesel particulate filter (DPF) in the Kohler KDI engine, and it does not require diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). This means that there are no extra maintenance operations or adding of fluids necessary. Just fill the tank with diesel fuel, and the engine takes care of the emissions.

Avant 760i is a new model not only regarding the engine. It has many improved features compared with the Avant 750. Maximum drive speed of the Avant 760i is 30 km/h and auxiliary hydraulics max. oil flow is 80 l/min – a significant development. Tire size is also larger, both in diametre and in width.  Larger tires improve handling especially at higher drive speeds and decrease ground pressure when driving on grounds with lower carrying capacity and on sensitive surfaces.