21 авг. 2014 г.


Avants loader range expands with a new R Series when two new models, R28 and R35 are brought to market. In 2013 R Series model range continues with R20 model. The R Series is different from other Avant models as it has dissimilar body control solution; loaders cab is located in the back frame instead of the front frame. Practical design, efficiency and sustainable components of the R Series continue to be Avants guaranteed quality.

"With the new models we want to provide the benefits of Avant loaders also to those customers who are used in driving the loader with the cab located to the back frame. Our aim is that the R Series driving experience should be as similar as with typical Avant loader. It is now possible to get almost all of the Avant loader benefits without having to learn and to change between two different driving styles, ”says Jani Käkelä, Vice President Avant Finland.

The control and way of driving new R Series is different than in a typical Avant loaders but from their technic and other features, these new models are highly based to allready exchisting models Avant 528 and 635. R20 model which comes to the market 2014, is based to 520 model. Large working power, horizontally rigid articulation joint, telescopic boom and compact size make the R Series loaders outstanding machines in particular to agriculture and horse stables. ”You can really notice the driving benefits of R Series in small spaces and tight corridors. Although the turning circle is itself exactly the same as the familiar sibling Avant models, are new R Series loaders easier to reverse in tight spaces because the cab in these loaders will not turn outside the tireline”, Käkelä clarifies.

”Compared to the usual Avant loaderconsept we had to make some compromises in the designing but I am very satisfied to the new loader which represents Avants design language very well. Even though R Series loaders have slightly worse visibility to the frontline and attachment, it is still much better than in many similar purpose loaders in the markets. In addition, the R Series loaders are about 10cm higher that other Avant´s and it has a little bit weaker tipping force”, says Käkelä.

Avant loaders are designed for users needs and to strong working conditions. R Series complements Avant model range and it serves customers with a very tight spaces, or who are used to otherkind of steering mode than typical Avant loader has. ”Due the R Series we are now able to meet and answer the market needs better and serve different customer segments with the total range of our loaders”, outlines Käkelä.