17 мар. 2015 г.

Авант Техно расширяет свои производственные мощности в Финляндии.

Авант Техно ОУ приобрело индустриальные помещения Pilkington NSG, 44 000 м2, имущества, находящегося на соседнем участке. Продажа имущества в значительна в масштабе Avant, и даже во всем регионе.  Завод Avant увеличится более чем в 2 раза после сделки.

“Мы был в ситуации когда нам было необходимо увеличивать наши производственные площади. Для некоторых наших операций, цеха стали слишком маленькие. Покупка недвижимости позволит нам перенести часть производства на новую фабрику быстрее, обеспечив нам столь необходимое пространство для нашего производства”, сказал Яни Какела, Коммерческий директор Avant.

Avant will not take the entire property into use immediately, but a part of the production and shipping operations will be transferred there quickly. The glass manufacturer Pilkington NSG will remain a tenant in the property, and will clearly be the largest individual tenant. For Avant Tecno Oy and its subsidiary Leguan Lifts Oy, which manufactures access platforms, the property sale enables the expansion of production in Ylöjärvi for a long time to come.

“With such a large facility, we now have too much space for our own operations, so at first we will be leasing a large part of the property out to external operators. However, the property sale will ensure our growth potential for the foreseeable future”, Käkelä says.

Avant Tecno is seeking growth in the United States – wide markets stabilise Avant’s operations

Avant’s sales have grown continuously in recent years despite the extremely challenging economic situation in Europe and Russia. Turnover for the financial period that ended in September 2014 amounted to a total of 82 million euros, which is the largest turnover in the company’s history. At group level, turnover exceeded the level of 100 million euros for the first time. At the moment, Avant loaders are sold in more than 50 countries around the world. One of the reasons behind the success is the extent and versatile nature of the marketing area.

“We believe in a minimum annual growth of five per cent. The goal is to maintain our growth at approximately the same level in Europe. We will seek growth in the United States, where we established Avant Tecno USA approximately two and a half years ago”, Käkelä comments.