Apiarists – add efficiency and comfort to your work with the unbeatable Avant Loader


Apiarists have long struggled with the manual labour that comes with the bee keeping industry. When you break it down: One hive is 60 kilograms, stacked three high and in rows of two with pallets stacked on top of each other which begins to add up quickly if you need to move multiple pallets quickly and efficiently. 

Whether you bee keep as a hobby or as a career, the manual labour and other necessary jobs take you away from the parts you enjoy! Imagine cutting your labour in half and putting that time back into something you really want to do. Sounds too go to be true? It’s entirely possible when you have the right machine for the job. With over 100 attachments the Avant loaders can be tasked with a variety of jobs from lifting to moving and carrying various materials while being quick and easy to use.

The Avant is an unparalleled machine in its class adding features to improve operator comfort including an air-conditioned cab, work efficiency and work quality. The unique articulated chassis design allows driving on lawns, paved area and other sensitive surfaces without damaging them, making it perfect for any property.

At the end of your task it’s as simple as parking the Avant sideways on the back of your truck for easy unloading and loading of the pallets.


Why Avant?

-        Ability to load the truck from one side using telescopic boom

-        Park sideways across your truck

-        Option of air-conditioned cabin

-        Huge lifting capacity up to 1500kg

-        Reduces operating costs

-        Save time and man power

-        Easy to access and operate

-        All terrain 4wd with outstanding stability

-        Over 200 attachments