Avant Equipment | Who are we?

Avant Equipment are a family run business specialising in importing and distributing high quality earthmoving and construction equipment across Australia. We focus on highlighting machinery-based solutions for our customers that will empower their business and help them to become more efficient. We use over 25 years of industry expertise, excellent customer service and customer feedback to find the right solution for businesses when they need it.

Our Values


  • Building partnerships – We don’t just sell to our customers, we build partnerships. We listen to customer feedback and use it to tailor our solutions to better meet their needs.
  • Supporting our customers – Unparalleled after sales service ensures you’re always supported.
  • Delivering outcomes – We don’t just promise – we deliver. Being accountable is what makes us credible and trusted.
  • Exceeding expectations – We often find our machinery surprises people (in a good way) so we want our business to as well.
  • Being real – We strive to be authentic. We can have a joke, but we take our client satisfaction and our machinery seriously.

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