The AVANT Mini Digger Is The Ideal Farming Companion


June 12, 2015 Avantavant machineavant machinesavant mini diggeravant mini diggersavant mini loaderavant mini loadersAvant SAAvant South Africafarming equipment south africa


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 The range of AVANT South Africa machines and attachments available is incredible, with functionalities that span across various industries, but perhaps one of the industries best served by AVANT SA is farming.

 One single machine that is able to conduct so many different farming operations cannot be underestimated, as farmers are able to handle numerous difficult jobs on the farm that they would previously needed to do by hand.


This not only makes the farming process easier for the farmer, but also speeds up each element that was previously completed using a variety of farm tools. This leads to increased productivity on the farm, as work is done in less time and more can be produced from less effort.

 This therefore gives farmers the edge, and with the AVANT Mini Digger and the AVANT Mini Loader, this advantage is even more pronounced, thanks to over 100 attachments that are built to be used with this machinery, and 25 attachments that are specifically built to be used in the Mini Digger farming range.

 AVANT machines are tough, and can handle heavy loads of over 1,400kg while still being compact enough to negotiate through narrow spaces without trouble. This makes the Mini Digger in particular, an ideal companion for any farmer.

 Farmers can benefit by using the AVANT machines to help with distribution of grain and other types of fodder, transporting of heavy items, bale moving, sweeping, lawn mowing and loading jobs, to name only a few uses for the machines as farming equipment in South Africa.

 It is for this reason that AVANT has become so popular with farmers, with the machines used for more working hours than a tractor in many cases, and a single machine replacing the need for numerous tools.

 AVANT SA imports the Mini Digger and Mini Loader from AVANT in Finland, acting as the trusted official distribution partner in the region.