Avant loaders are equipped with a certified ROPS/ FOPS safety frame with tinted plexiglass canopy as standard. In addition, there are as many as three different cab options available.



AVANT cab L is an excellent and economical choice when the operator wants to have protection against rain, wind and snowfall. It improves operator comfort and working conditions considerably. The cab mounts on the standard ROPS frame, which means safety is guaranteed. It consists of windscreen (equipped with wiper), right side window and rear window.



AVANT cab LX provides the option of a heated cab. The cab LX has all the features of cab L and, in addition, is equipped with a door and a heater, which further improve operator comfort in harsh weather conditions. And for warmer seasons the door and windows can easily be removed if required. The optional headlight, blinker, reflector + beacon kit can be installed both on cab L and LX.





The starting point of the design of the new DLX cab was to further improve the ergonomics and driver’s working conditions. The DLX cab is designed to provide best possible working conditions also in the roughest environments, from hot to cold temperatures, and from rain to sunshine. Improvements include more space inside the cab, larger windows and reduced noise levels. The much wanted option of air conditioning and air suspension seat are also now available for the new cab.