Avant has been known from its telescopic boom for a long time. It makes it possible that the structure of the loader is very compact and that the lifting capacity is great. When the telescopic boom is inside it is possible to lift huge weights while as the boom is outside it is possible to reach excellent dimension and lifting height. Very often wide dimension is even more important than the lifting height.


Avant has developed an innovative solution for improving the performance of the drive circuit in Avant loaders. In Optidrive™ drive circuit the amount of hydraulic hoses and fittings has been radically reduced and optimized.

Benefits of the Optidrive™ drive circuit:

- 10% better performance
- 60% less hydraulic connections
- 20% less hoses
- Less heat build up – in Optidrive™ the amount of flushing oil in the drive motors is 5 times bigger compared to the old system, providing a far better cooling of the drive circuit
- Parking brake in rear wheels guarantees the best possible grip on all load and terrain situations
- Less engine vibrations and noice thanks to the new engine mounts (vibration dampers).
- Better hydraulic connector system
- Better servicing




Avant attachment connection system enables simple and easy way of connecting the attachment. Mechanical connection system is half automatical. It means that attachment can be connected and locked directly from the cab by turning the attachment enough back.

For connecting the attachment there is hydraulic quick attachment plate also available. This quick attachment plate is fully used from the cabin of the loader and with it it is possible to release and open the connection without stepping away from the cabin.

Hydraulic multi connector system of Avant is the most advanced in the market. Easy connecting and detaching also possible with engine running and/or pressure on attachment. Connection works in all situations and it cannot be connected in a wrong way. The mechanism is also leak free so changing the attacment is no longer a messy thing to do and there is no oil dropping while detaching.




Articulated loaders of Avant are very easy to learn to drive. The loader is controlled from the steering wheel and driving forward and backwards happens with two pedals. The machine's compact dimensions facilitate driving, because driver can see the whole machine and attachment while sitting on the driver´s seat. Even if You don´t have any previous experience with driving machines, You can lear to drive Avant with just few hours of practise.



The speed of AVANT 523 and AVANT 528 is 12 km/h, which is enough while working in smaller areas or construction site.

Avant 530 is a double speed model (9/19 km/h).