Avant is the first manufacturer to introduce a full electric, battery powered loader series to the market. Full electric loader with zero emission and extremely low noise is the answer for future’s demands and e series offers also the same comfort and properties as the Avant 500 series which is equipped with a diesel motor. Versatility, compact dimensions and agile movement of the e series allow working in different environments.



The speed of the e series is 10 km/h, which is enough while working in smaller areas or construction site. Thanks to the electric motors the e series is very suitable especially for indoor use. Poclain piston motors ensure good pulling force and the whole power and torque of the electric motor are immediatelly in use.



Stepless hydrostatic drive of the e series ensures a pleasurable driving experience. Thanks to the hydraulically pilot operated variable displacement drive pump the loader is easy to drive and there are hardly any consumable parts. Maintenance includes mainly greasing of parts, and for example there’s only one filter: return filter in the hydraulic system. On the whole, the e series loader is a comfortable partner as well with the driving as with the maintenance. Versatility and comfort of the machine are increased by the wide selection of options.