Avant is a powerful landscaper's tool that will impress both the operator and the customer. We have created an amazingly versatile loader that will take care of both landscaping and maintenance of your garden and green areas.

With Avant loaders and attachments you can create smooth surfaces with an astonishing finish that will keep on impressing operators and customers alike!

Our comprehensive and extensive selection of loader attachments will cover all your landscaping & maintenance needs.


Articulated steering and light frame allow Avant loaders to be driven gently on delicate surfaces such as grass, building foundations and paving. There's also plenty of power for all the heavy-duty jobs required, such as handling fertilizer sacks and stone pallets.

Our loaders' thrust power is among the best for their size. Spreading surface materials, such as crushed stone and stone dust, is quick and effective with Avant.

Hydrostatic transmission and the joystick-operated telescopic boom add control precision and help you to create an exceptional finish.


In landscaping, work environments and sites can vary hugely from one project to another. When you need to move from one site to another in quick pace, easy transportability becomes a distinct advantage.

Our compact loaders can work in diverse environments and can be transported with a regular trailer with brakes.

No two days are the same when you're working with Avant: it can perform a multitude of jobs and serve a wide range of customers.

Want to be busy working through the summer? All you need is just one of our versatile loaders. Your Avant doesn't need to be standing in the garage even in the winter: with the right attachments you can keep it working even through the snow.

Avant benefits - landscaping

Cost-effective and Good to Environment

  • Average fuel consumption less than 3 l/h
  • Easy and inexpensive to service
  • Low emissions - a catalysator available
  • Loader noise reduced by design

Cabin Options

  • Work in changing weather conditions
  • Steering system protected from rain and snow
  • Work safely and efficiently
  • Good working visibility to all directions
  • Easy observation of the surrounding area and results

Easy to drive

  • Easy-to-grasp operation technique
  • Compact, agile & easy to control
  • Turning radius less than 2.5 meters


  • Transition speed of up to 30 km/h
  • Incredible power-to-weight ratio
  • More than 190 attachments to choose from


  • Easy on the operator's body & posture
  • Prevents accidental and strain injuries
  • Work more productively and save time

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